Distant Viewing
Distant Viewing What is RV?

What is remote viewing?

What is RV?

Remote viewing is a term used to describe the perception of information through time or space that is not accessed through the accepted base senses. It is not totally understood how the information is perceived although there are many theories and beliefs.

The following video presents Courtney Brown's description of remote viewing. Please note that Courtney Brown is not affiliated with this website in anyway. The usage of his video here does not represent his endorsement of this website or our endorsement of his theories and projects.

The simplest way to understand remote viewing is to try it!

There are resources available online that will give you insight into the essence of remote viewing and how to practice it.

There are a series of tutorials by Prudence Calabrese available on YouTube.

Courtney Brown has produced a series of videos that describe the Scientific Remoting Viewing method.

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