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This website was created to help the developer practice remote viewing. It has been made publicly available with the sincere wish to inspire other people to look within for answers. I practice meditation more than I practice remote viewing and I believe that within each of us is an untapped intuition that is accessible with a little bit of effort. If this website inspires one person to cultivate that inner wisdom then it has served it's purpose.

Anybody is free to use this website without registering their personal information. All of the practice targets are available through the Anonymous Target Test which is publicly available.

If you decide to register; the personal information that you share is used solely for the purpose of delivering this websites functionality. Your details are not shared with any third party with the exception of the hosting company that runs the web server used to deliver the pages. Your information is stored in an encrypted format and is not accessible to the hosting company.


Registered users have access to more website functionality. This functionality is accessible through the user menu.

User Menu

Using the menu a registered user can contribute to the target pool to increase the diversity of targets available to all users. The targets that are submitted will be queued for moderation this is to protect our users from negative experiences. Once the submission has passed moderation it will be available for anybody to view.

Registered users can store all their session information on the website. When the user starts a session it is stored against their profile. The user can take as much time as they need to perform their remote viewing session. The system will enable them to submit as much or as little information as they wish and they will then be presented with the target details.

If a user wishes they can share their remote viewing session on a case by case basis. The remote viewing session will appear in the public gallery using the name that they have stored in the user profile. There is no need to use a real name the user is free to use any alias they desire so long as it does not cause offence to other users.

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